Gathering, Farming & Digging

Bone Hoe

Bone HoeHoes were garden tools used to break up soil for rain water and to remove weeds that compete with the cultivated plants.

This hoe, made from a bison shoulder blade is modeled after those used by the Hidatsa Indians, great farmers who lived in the northern plains.

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Wooden Rake

Wooden RakeThe Hidatsa Indians used wooden rakes to clear their cornfields. This rake is a faithful reproduction of the original type. Made of tree saplings and rawhide.
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Antler Rake

Antler RakeThe Hidatsa also used antler rakes to clear their fields. Made with mule deer antler, wood handle and rawhide, like the original.
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Stone Hoe

Stone HoeStone hoes were used throughout eastern North America, especially by the Mississippian people. They were also used in Kansas and stemmed hoes have been found in Oklahoma. These are dirt-digging machines! They were used to cultivate corn fields, but were undoubtedly used to dig post holes and wall trenches for building houses and for digging storage and cooking pits. This hoe is made to use. Chert (flint) hoe blade tied to a wooden handle with rawhide.
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Shell Hoe

Shell HoeShell hoes were also used for cultivation and digging. This shell hoe is modeled from a complete hoe found in a rock shelter in Arkansas. Made of freshwater mussel shell, wood handle and bark straps, like the original. Rawhide ties may be substituted for the bark straps. The mussel shell hoe blades are found on archaeological sites on the Plains as well as the eastern United States.
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Wooden Digging Stick

Wooden Digging Stick Wooden Digging StickThe wooden digging stick is one of the most common digging tools of prehistoric native peoples. They were used to break new ground for farming, digging holes and digging roots and tubers for food. They have been found throughout the United States.
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Bison Bone Tipped Digging Stick

Bison Bone Tipped Digging Stick Bison Bone Tipped Digging StickThe bison bone tipped digging stick was used on the plains from Texas to the Dakotas, where soil can become extremely hard and wooden tipped digging sticks would be ineffective. Archaeologist do not know if they had a right angle handle like a stone hoe or a straight handle like a digging stick. These are interpreted with a long heavy straight handle and heavy bison leg bone with enough weight for serious digging.
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