Our Catalog

Child Digging

Engage your audience

  • Create an interactive education experience
  • Provide reproduced artifacts that really work
  • Offer activities such as chopping wood, throwing an atlatl, hoeing a garden, fishing with nets or wearing adornments
  • Breathe new life into learning prehistory and archaeology
  • Receive Fact Sheet created with each tool and object

Tell the whole story in your exhibits

  • Display complete tools and objects – not just what survived in the ground
  • Show how prehistoric people made their tools and objects
  • Demonstrate how people actually used them
  • Convert artifacts in the collection into complete tools with handles
  • Compliment your collection with reproduced items

New products for your gift shop

  • Visitors take home memories of your museum
  • Tools and decorative items
  • Designed to hang on a wall, sit on a shelf or be used!
  • Extend the learning experience from the museum to home