Tools From The Earth was formed by two seasoned professionals.  Terry Powell, an archaeologist, has been creating prehistoric artifacts and tools for nearly 40 years. Jan Luth is a museum professional with 30 years experience in programming and exhibits.

After working for years as an archaeologist, Terry Powell became curious about the objects he was excavating.  He wondered how the native peoples made them, how they used them, and what the complete object looked like, not just the pieces that were found. These questions have taken him on a nearly 40-year journey replicating prehistoric artifacts and tools.

His hand-made authentic items are inspired by actual artifacts and extensive research.  Everything he uses is real, such as bones from deer and bison, feathers from turkeys, shells from the Gulf of Mexico, fibers from palm trees and other plants, wood from trees, rawhide from deerskin, and sinew from deer.

Tools From The Earth LLC, based in St. Petersburg, Florida addresses the need to humanize the archaeological record and bring the past to life to help museums and educators connect people of the past with the present.

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