Fish NetA fish net was the tool of choice for catching large quantities of fish in open water – bays, lakes, ponds and large streams. Floating gourds marked the net’s location, shells kept the net on the bottom, and stone weights clustered on the poles kept the net down.

The Calusa net is based on archaeological net remains from the Key Marco site in south Florida. This net consists of stick float pegs, ark shell net weights, drilled limestone anchor weights and gourd net marker floats, just like the original net.

All strings and cordage look handmade. Nets created and include:
>Float Pegs
>Shell Weights
>Anchor Weights
>Net Marker Floats

Approx 3×5

Approx 3×8

Approx 5×12
*All measurements are approximate. Price subject to change based off material availability
Tools From the Earth can make a net to your specifications – contact us.

Fish NetFish Net