Educational Kits

Designed for active participation by children (first grade and up) and adults. Great for school programs, festivals and Archaeology Month activities out-of -doors. All kit pieces are based on real archaeological and ethnographic items.

Several kits are recommended for groups over ten. Each kit comes complete with a manual of history and directions for set up, safety, repair and maintenance.

Please contact us for a list of contents, price and shipping information.

Kits Currently Available:
Fire Making – make a fire with a bow drill. Every set tested to actually make a fire
Rabbit Stick Throwing – Southeast or Southwest style throwing stick and wood target
Arrowhead Making – try your skill with pressure flaking
Mortar and Pestle – grind your own acorns and/or corn into meal
Bull Roarer Making – really work and make a nice sound
Plains Pemmican and Choke Cherry Cake Making – a little known kit, but vital to a Plains way of life
Buzz Toy – used by most native groups around the world. These work well
String Making – make string at a table or school desk
Painting – real bone and wood applicators and earthen pigments
Make a Stone Pendant – drill and engrave your own pendant
Grinding Stone- experience shaping stone into tools
Stick and Sand Stone Drilling – Native method to drill holes in stone atlatl weights and net anchors
Spear and Atlatl (spear thrower) Throwing – throw blunt-end spears with an Archaic – style atlatl
Native Instruments – a selection modeled from archaeological and ethnographic instruments
Native Games – a selection from numerous North American groups that really work.

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